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Glamping: when camping meets comfort

Updated: Jan 9

When it comes to holidays, there's no end to the surprises...

Discover glamping, the latest trend! All the benefits of camping, but with a healthy dose of comfort.

Photo de la vue depuis la chambre de la cabane supérieure

Practiced for decades, camping gathers its followers around the world, all in search of a connection with nature. But today, forget the traditional tent, it seems that campsites are getting a new look. More luxurious, more comfortable, but just as relaxing, glamping stands out as the new trend of tourism. We love it!

Glamping: what is it?

This simple combination of “glamor” and “camping” sets the tone for the atypical.

But let’s go back! This trend started in 2007 in the United Kingdom before being quickly practiced in France. Many outdoor hotels then developed glamping on geographical areas devoid of natural environment suitable to conventional camping.

On the seaside, in the mountains or nestled in the forest, glamping was more reserved for a niche, demanding, relatively easy, and therefore more inclined to try luxurious experiences. Now, glamping is done every year by a growing number of tourists wishing to experience camping outside of the box. This alternative to camping and outdoor hotel manages to combine the unusual, refinement and well-being.

What type of accommodation does glamping offer?

Spending an original holiday is now easily accessible. Tourism professionals never stop imagining new ways to propose accommodation. Have you heard of tree houses? Several meters above the ground, you will enjoy a real sensation of height. The equation between rustic wood and luxury leaves you dreaming.

It is also possible to initiate glamping by lodging in a bubble. Totally transparent, this cocoon offers a feeling of ultimate comfort while making the most of the environment. You can literally sleep in the stars without the inconvenience inherent to traditional camping, namely insects or moisture.

Another example of glamping rental: the igloo. Like a real Inuit, the atmosphere of the Far North is reproduced for a night, this is a 100% unusual experience. Chilly ones can reassure themselves, igloos far from the mountains exist to benefit from the starry sky, but without the chills. Igloo glamping is the guarantee of a stay out of our time for a unique experience.

By contradicting the precepts of classic camping, glamping places tourists at the center of the experience, but without forgetting the comfort of a real bed. Much more comfortable and luxurious than sleeping in tents, memories of your vacation will be with you forever.

Try glamping in our tree house or in our chalets! Your children will be happy to make friends, and you enjoy real comfort!

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