Rent a tree house and visit Monpazier

Looking for an atypical stay for you and your children?
Let yourself be seduced by Castelwood, near Monpazier in the Dordogne, and its tree house.
Relaxation, change of scenery and originality guaranteed!

“Do you want to discover Monpazier? Castelwood will be an excellent base for visiting the Dordogne.
At only ten minutes by car, the wealth of one of the most beautiful villages of France will be accessible to you. And that’s without counting on the many activities planned for your family.
On the menu, a cabin in the trees, incredible bastides and strolls on the cobblestones of the village.”

Monpazier, a magnificent bastide of the Dordogne

As soon as you enter the village, you will be amazed by the beauty of the buildings and the special atmosphere that emanates from them. Among its architectural specialities, the bastide town of Monpazier remains the most impressive. Its particularity is to have remained intact since its founding in 1284.
It must be known that its remarkable orthogonal appearance influenced the greatest architects.

The timeless and unique soul of Monpazier has remained preserved over the centuries.
Indeed, the city has always made it a point of honor to refuse the structural and aesthetic changes of the place. Traders and locals are constantly fighting against the opening of new structures such as a supermarket, not to distort the charm of the time.

Strolling in Monpazier

What we prefer in Monpazier is walking on its streets to admire the architecture and feel the atmosphere of this typical village. The village is mainly pedestrian, you will not be bothered by cars. A real guarantee of comfort to let your children run as they please. While your children will have fun on the square of the bastide of Monpazier, you will be able to rest on the terrace and to savour a good coffee.

You will love strolling the streets and meet the artists, artisans and producers holding shop. Every Thursday, a market takes possession of the square, under the arcades, since not less than 700 years. On Sunday, enjoy a scrumptious brunch at the Ecureuil Café to kick off the day.
This cafe honours the quality of products to delight both adults and children.

And why not a tree house to visit Monpazier

In terms of accommodation, you have the choice between a classic chalet, or … a tree house! Castelwood offers several types of accommodation: chalets, or the famous cabin perched in the trees in the forest. No doubt your children will be excited about sleeping high up and closer to the stars. Change of scenery guaranteed for the whole family!

Do not waste a minute and check our rates!
Besides the proximity to Monpazier, you will have the opportunity to visit other typical villages such as Biron, Issigeac or Bergerac.