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Photo of an outdoor medieval show

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On the way to Sleeping Beauty's castle

Off you go to the château des Milandes, renamed by children as "Sleeping Beauty's castle" thanks to Josephine Baker. Then on to Allas les Mines, home to a little treasure: the "Rue du temps qui passe". You'll be able to show your younger friends a whole host of objects from a not-so-distant past.

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A magical walk

In the afternoon, you return to Castelwood as the children want to try out that incredible buoy they saw floating in the pool. You, on the other hand, could do with a little nap in one of the hammocks you saw. You'll need to be on top form because this evening, you've planned a fairytale walk in Saint Eutrope de Born for the whole family. It's an incredible journey of the imagination. Thank goodness you remembered to book!

Photo of the Castelwood Swimming Pool
Photo of the Milandes castle

The smell of grilled meats and holidays is just around the corner

All aboard, kids! You've been dreaming of a holiday surrounded by your little family... the children are singing at the top of their voices as they drive past the magnificent Château de Biron! It's sure to be on the programme of visits. For the moment, you're awaited by your hosts, who have prepared everything to welcome you in a relaxed atmosphere.
The kids are off for a quick dip in the heated pool, and you're off for a barbecue and plancha. It's fun to think about the little barbecues you're going to prepare.

What's more, to save time and make the most of a cool arrival, you booked the Castelwood arrival basket the day before. A real time saver!

Photo of a vacationer using the BBQ
Drawings of 2 hanging lanterns
Drawing of a hanging lantern
Photo of Château de Biron

You'll spend the afternoon at Castelwood's swimming pool, a delightful moment of relaxation. The children have found some board games and are sharing this time with their new friends. The smell of waffles wafts around the Castelfood snack bar. You'll definitely be coming back to Castelwood next year, because time is ticking away in slow motion...

Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the medieval city of 7 steeples

Do you know the medieval city of 7 bell towers? Your children will be delighted to discover the village of Belvès, listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France. The troglodyte dwellings are full of surprises...


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Woodland Adventurer

Your children have devoured the pastries on offer at Castelwood. It has to be said that, baked on the premises, they are no match for the bakers... the excitement is at its peak this morning! You've planned to take your little tribe to Parc en Ciel, an accrobranche park with 8 courses and a natural swimming area... And off you go on giant zip lines and try your hand at mini-golf or orienteering. It's a good thing you thought of the picnic - it's so much fun in the forest!


In the afternoon, head to Fumel or Monsempron-Libos for a 4.5km treasure hunt, a walk full of riddles to be solved, clues to be solved and treasure to be found... it's the Baron of Tèrra Aventura. A fantastic world in which to share a special moment with the whole family...
And a dip in Castelwood's swimming pool to round off a busy day.
There's no need to think about the evening meal, you've signed up for the Barbecue organised on the estate. Nothing to think about, just enjoy! A real holiday for everyone...

Photo of a tree climbing course

Discovering Biron Castle

This morning the children went for a game of table football and trempoline. The estate is equipped with games, so everyone can enjoy their favourite activities. You, on the other hand, are waiting for the evening to indulge in a game of pétanque with the neighbours you met yesterday at the barbecue. You can also relax on the terrace with a cup of coffee in hand.

Your children come back out of breath, pointing to Château de Biron. This is where your day's programme begins! A visit to this magnificent and imposing twelfth-century castle. You walk there on the advice of your hosts, the countryside is so pretty!


The afternoon is reserved for Montpazier, listed as one of France's most beautiful villages, where the film "Les Misérables", adapted by Robert Hossein, was shot. Don't miss the Bastideum, where you can take a trip back to the Middle Ages and discover ancient games.

Finally, there's archery at Beaumontois- en Périgord on the "Le Bel Oiseau" estate. Whether you're a novice or an experienced archer, you'll be shooting at targets scattered around the 5-hectare estate. Keep your eyes peeled, aim straight, position yourself...

Photo d'un enfant tirant à l'arc à Beaumontois en Périgord
Photo d'une ruelle couverte de Montpazier

A little trip on the water

Do you prefer pedalo, canoe or paddle? This morning, you'll be heading for the Trémolat water sports centre on the exceptional site of Cingle. You've finally made up your minds: everyone can choose their favourite activity!

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A starry night with a few toasted marshmallows

For the afternoon, you've got it all planned! You'll go to the Crystal Cathedral, which is transformed into a Cathedral of Light. You'll descend 50 metres underground to get there. At the Gouffre de Proumeyssac, the children will love descending to the centre of the earth!

On the way back, the children can't wait to join in the starry night offered by your hosts. A few marshmallows grilled around the campfire, to the sound of a guitar, is sure to please everyone!

Photo of a canoe trip
photo of the Proumeyssac chasm

Discovering the region's former Dukes

On this last beautiful day, you're thinking of taking your little tribe to the Château des Rois ducs in Sauveterre-la-Lémance. It's a majestic castle that you can admire on a 1hr 45min stroll through the nearby countryside. There are plenty of surprises in store for you on this tour, with beautiful houses full of character and views over the wooded hills...


Photo of the village of Belvès
Photo of pancakes

And in the afternoon, the escape game "les souterrains de l'oubli" awaits you on Place d'Armes. Come and defy time and try to find the missing pages of Victor Hugo's manuscript hidden in the underground passageways.  

Then it's back to Castelwood for a well-deserved snack! It smells deliciously of chocolate crepes...


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