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A peaceful holiday with plenty to do nearby

Bored on holiday? Don't think again!
We've put together something for you to enjoy on a quiet holiday, but with plenty of fun too.

"Castelwood is away from the traditional tourist routes.
Our self-catering accommodation in the heart of the countryside gives you access to a wide range of activities and places of interest in the Périgord, while offering peace and quiet in the evenings when you return from your wanderings".

Des activités en haute saison

Barbecue evening

Once a week, in high season, we organise a big communal barbecue.
It's a convivial occasion where there's something for everyone: salad bar, sausages, grilled ham, veggie steak...
It's a great opportunity for the children to make new friends and for their parents to chat with their neighbours while eating some good food!

Large barbecue held once a week outside. Large tables are set

Night swimming pool

Enjoy the swimming pool in our gite village, even at night! Once a week, it's pool night at Castelwood! It's an event loved by children and their parents alike. The lights and atmosphere make for a great evening out with family and friends! And don't worry if you're a bit chilly, our pool is heated.

Night-time swimming pool with lights and atmosphere


Get to know your hosts and neighbours over a drink! Once a week, we'll treat you to an aperitif and some snacks. It's a great way to get to know your neighbours! It's also a great opportunity for children to make new friends.

Photo of an aperitif tasting
Photo of the children's creative workshops. They are drawing

Tuesday creative workshops

Every Tuesday afternoon, children can take part in painting, origami and collage workshops. Imagination and creativity are the necessary talents! A snack is also provided. It's also a chance to make new friends from all over the world! In the meantime, it's a moment of relaxation just for you. We'll look after your little ones!

Campfire evening

Have you always wanted to roast marshmallows over an open fire?
Join us once a week for a campfire evening around a large brazier. Sitting on your bench, you can enjoy marshmallows (provided by us) on skewers while singing along to a guitar tune. If you feel like a musician, pick up your guitar and have some fun!
This campfire evening is a big hit with children and adults alike, and it's a great way to get together.

Photo of a convivial evening around a campfire
Photo of a running sports session

Muscular awakening

To help you let go and recharge your batteries in this natural environment, we organise a muscle wake-up session twice a week.

What does it involve? 40 minutes of muscular exercises based on Fitness or Yoga/Pilate. The sessions are suitable for all levels. Equipment is provided (mats, weights, elastics, etc.) and you only need to come with the desire to discover a new experience. A feeling of well-being and relaxation guaranteed.

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