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Photo of a river in the Dordogne

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A relaxing morning for a soothing day

When you wake up in the morning, you see little nesting boxes in the trees surrounding your lodge, home to pairs of tits and nuthatches... you know you're in the right place and you take a deep breath! A few stretches and the day can begin!

This morning, you're deciding between a trip in a Gabare or a canoe trip. What kind of adventurer will you be this morning? Departures are scheduled from Fumel, Montayral or Puy L'évêque, so there's plenty of choice!

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A historical walk

In the afternoon, there are two châteaux to visit: Bonaguil and Sauveterre La Lémance, known as the château des rois-ducs... Did you know that this little Lot-et-Garonne town is known to prehistorians the world over? So why not stop off at its prehistory museum?

A full day, rich in discoveries, well worth a short break on the terrace of your lodge.

Photo of a barge trip through a village
Photo of a vineyard

Reconnecting with nature and your body...

You've always dreamed of being in contact with nature... being able to recharge your batteries to the rhythm of the birdsong, with hiking boots on your feet and a rucksack full, you're off on the magnificent paths of the Dordogne.

After taking the small country roads leading to Castelwood, you marvel as you pass the Château de Biron. You're almost there... the heated swimming pool awaits you to relax after a sunny drive.
At Castelwood, everything is planned to help you manage your week.
On the programme: gentle gym sessions to stretch, strengthen and become more aware of your body... Your host Jeff will see to that!

Photo of Château de biron
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Dessin de  lampions suspendus
Photo of a Dordogne landscape from above

A tasty and invigorating wake-up call this morning

After a few pastries from your locker, you're off for Jeff's 30-40 minute gentle gymnastics session. Meet under the designated shelter. Casual attire and zenitude guaranteed!

At the end of the session, you'll feel a sense of well-being... A 10-minute walk will take you to the Château de Biron, a splendid and impressive fortress. Discover its museum!


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As the water flows...

When you wake up this morning, you've spotted deer just a few yards from your lodge. Incredible! the smell of warm bread from Castelfood whets your appetite! a feeling of relaxation overcomes you. The lodge you've chosen is built on stilts and offers a breathtaking view of the trees.


You're on your way to Siorac en Périgord or Berbiguières, because a desire to paddle down the Dordogne and float along has caught your eye on the Canoës website. Overhead, you'll admire towering cliffs, noble châteaux and beautiful villages perched on their spurs...
This afternoon, you'll tread the steps that separate you from the castles of Castelnau La Chapelle and Beynac, offering magnificent panoramic views over the Dordogne valley.

Photo of a river trip in a canoe

A morning accompanied by the first rays of sunshine

As you rise early in the morning, you can admire the first rays of sunlight on the Château de Biron, as the warm stone turns pink... a magical awakening...
Then why not head off to Sarlat la Canédat, a historic city known the world over for its curious and picturesque alleyways... and finish off with lunch in the historic center.


Photo du village Pays de Belvès

How about spending the afternoon at the prehistoric site in the commune of Les Eyzies... an unimaginable succession of caves and prehistoric sites, set against an impressive backdrop of cliffs. Return to Castelwood via one of France's most beautiful villages: Pays de Belvès.

Photo of the prehistoric site in the commune of Les Eyzies

Taking the pressure off

Jeff is waiting for you this morning for a yoga/pilates session to work on your posture and deep breathing... it contributes to a relaxing vacation.

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On the trail of France's most beautiful villages

This morning's program includes Villeréal, one of France's most beautiful villages... then a choice of two hiking loops. Either from the Bastide to the church of Parisot or follow the circuit of the Bastide Royale for a 2h30 to 3h hike. Back at Castelwood, a game of pétanque is in order.

Photo of the Bastide Royale
Photo of the greenway for bikes and horses

A final hike to fill up on nature

You want to enjoy your last day in this region so rich in activity. One last hike before packing your bags for the return journey from Monflanquin, and you'll never get enough of France's most beautiful villages. There are several hikes to choose from, ranging from 2 hours to 5 hours for the bravest...

The afternoon is spent by the pool, relaxing in the sun after a colorful week!


Photo of a mill on the "mill paths" trail
Photo of a village market

This afternoon, you'll head for Gavaudun castle, which dominates the village perched on its rocky outcrop. You can choose between a 2h30 hike along the mill paths, or a 1h30 treasure hunt with Tèrra Aventura: "Des z'assaillants fins gourmets", a well-known geocaching game in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Return via Castel-Biron and its small Monday night market... an opportunity to sample Périgord produce and fill a few baskets with delicacies for those who stay at work!


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