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Chalet in the heart of nature: the best place to get away from it all

Updated: Jan 9

Enjoying the greenery and the peace and quiet. Hear the birds singing from your bed. Walk for hours through the woods to the nearest river. A stay in a chalet in the heart of nature is ideal for a moment of escape.

Photo d'un des châlets éclairée de nuit parmi la anture de CastelWood

Picture this. You're in France, in a chalet in the middle of the forest. Surrounded by trees and greenery. There's peace and quiet and you can hear the sounds of nature. You step out onto the terrace of your chalet to breathe in the fresh air and let the sweetness wash over you. Now ask yourself the following questions. Would you like to get away for a few days? Cut yourself off from the world and discover some magnificent places? Sleep in a chalet in the middle of nature? If we haven't convinced you yet, here are a few arguments that will.

Stay in a chalet in the heart of nature to visit the Dordogne

If you haven't already heard, the Dordogne is the perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday. So what better way to make the most of your stay than to book a chalet in the middle of the woods?

Escape to our gîte

Our cottages are located in the charming village of Biron, in the Périgord Pourpre region, south-east of the Dordogne, close to the Lot and Lot-et-Garonne departments. So if you want to get away from it all by visiting the surrounding area, you're in for a treat. Around our unusual chalets, hundreds of magnificent places are waiting for you. Villages and valleys, caves and rivers, woods and vineyards. If you decide to leave the comfort of your wooden chalet behind, you can visit the Dordogne valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site, or the Vézère valley, an important prehistoric site. You'll come away with stars in your eyes. You can also discover the unmissable Lascaux caves or hike the many trails in the Dordogne.

Sports activities in the great outdoors

The Dordogne also has plenty of rivers to paddle or canoe, as well as rocks and mountains to climb: incredible landscapes await you. So if you want to get away from it all and visit the Dordogne for sport, you'll be delighted, as there's a wide range of activities to choose from. Your chalet will be waiting to provide you with all the comfort and facilities you'll need after such an activity.

There are plenty of places to visit in the Dordogne. There are plenty of things to do in the Dordogne. But there aren't many chalets where you can stay in the heart of nature, and you'll find them at Castelwood.

Chalet in the heart of nature: total disconnection in an unusual location

Between several visits, it's a good idea to rest and take the time to enjoy nature and peace and quiet. If that's what you're looking for during your stay, our wooden chalets are just what you need.

Relax in a comfortable chalet

It's well known that chalets are the stuff of dreams. When you think of a chalet, you immediately think of wood, nature and a cosy atmosphere. And that's exactly what you'll find when you arrive at Castelwood. Relaxation, peace and quiet. These are the key words that describe a holiday with us. In the middle of the forest, your private wooden chalet, uniquely styled and comfortable, awaits you. Whether it's the middle of summer or the middle of winter, we guarantee you'll find all the comfort you could wish for. The terrace for a drink in the sun, or the comfortable sofa in your chalet lounge for a cosy read.

A moment of escape in nature

Sheltered by trees, our Périgord cottages are designed to remind you that you are constantly in contact with nature, allowing you to totally disconnect. Wherever you are in your chalet - the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the bed - you have an infinite view of the Biron forest. What better way to get away from it all? And if you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of animals, or hear them if you listen carefully.

Finally, every holiday worthy of the name has to have a relaxing bath at some point. And although we don't have a spa or sauna on our premises, you can still enjoy a moment of relaxation in the water of our heated swimming pool, right in the middle of nature. What more could you want than to take a dip with the sounds of birds and greenery as far as the eye can see?

Swimming pool, forest walks, relaxing in the chalet, visiting magical places... Whether you're coming for a week with your children or a few days with friends, a holiday in the Castelwood gîte will do you a world of good, bringing you peace and quiet. As well as getting away from it all by visiting the surrounding area, you can also let your mind escape to nature. So, are you tempted by a stay in a chalet in the heart of nature? Would you like to get away from it all for a few days? An unusual location for an unforgettable stay? Your Castelwood hosts are waiting for you, so book a chalet now!

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