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Close your eyes: experience an unusual night in the Dordogne

It's not an igloo, it's not a yurt. It's a charming village deep in the forest. Wooden chalets that blend into the landscape. And a perched hut overlooking the estate. It's a dream!

Photo de la cabane supérieur

Sleeping in a hotel, in a square room, without any originality: how boring. For your holidays in the Dordogne, we want to put stars in your eyes. Come on, we'll take you away...

Chalets in the heart of nature for a night in the woods

Imagine waking up, opening the door of your chalet and coming face to face with a squirrel. It climbs up a tree in front of your terrace. With a smile on your face, you enjoy the silence. That is, apart from the birds chirping their hearts out. It's going to be a beautiful day!

Our cottages have been designed to provide privacy for everyone and to reconnect you with nature. When you stay with us, you'll enjoy a place that's all your own. Your chalet, your terrace, your living room, your bedrooms. Your house has been transformed into a chalet.

And as you stroll down the lane, you'll meet other lovers of nature and the unusual. You'll meet them at the end of the day, after a day exploring the Périgord, from Lascaux to Sarlat, by the pool. And you end up sharing a hearty meal, made from meat grilled on the communal barbecue.

Sleep in a perched hut, the unusual at its best

The latest addition to our range of accommodation, the Biron perched hut takes you to new heights. Climb to the zenith, and the view of Biron castle and the treetops awaits you. Thanks to the many windows, you can enjoy an immersive experience in the forest.

It's not like any other tree house: it was built by our own hands! A bit like a childhood memory. It looks like a tower from the top of which you isolate yourself. As a spectator, you take a seat on the terrace that almost goes around the hut and you observe the surrounding nature. It's a sweet moment, away from it all, even though you're in the touristy Périgord region.

Inside, wood still predominates. But all modern comforts await you, right down to the dishwasher. We said unusual night, we didn't say chores! This cabin sleeps up to four people. Who are you going to share this view with?

Unusual, yes! But comfort too.

All our accommodation is self-catering. In your accommodation, you'll find real beds, a kitchen, a living room, a terrace with a table and chairs... in short, all the comforts you'd expect for your stay! Some services are shared with the other residents of the self-catering village: the swimming pool, barbecues, children's games... This is your chance to test out the conviviality of our estate.

At Castelwood, the night is certainly unusual, but above all it's calm. If the sound of an owl hooting doesn't wake you up, you've found the right place for your holiday.

Our unusual nights are in the heart of the Dordogne

The Castelwood estate is located in the Périgord Pourpre, in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. Just a stone's throw from the centre of the village of Biron, you'll have easy access to the delights of the Dordogne: Sarlat, Lascaux, Monpazier, Issigeac, Bergerac... It's the ideal holiday rental for visiting the region, while staying away from it all. Book now to enjoy our unusual overnight stays in wooden cabins and chalets.

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