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En route to an unforgettable holiday in the Dordogne

Updated: Jan 9

Take a holiday in the Dordogne, go for a hike in the heart of nature, stroll through magnificent towns, sample local specialities... The Dordogne is the ideal destination for an unforgettable holiday.

Photo du village de Biron

We know that the Dordogne is the ideal region in which to go on holiday... even more so if you choose to rent a chalet in the middle of the forest. But if you need any arguments to convince you to set sail for the Dordogne, here are a few.

The Dordogne: the perfect destination for a family holiday

The Dordogne is an ideal region to go on holiday with your children. There's a huge choice of things to do as a family. For example, during your stay you can take a trip back to the time of the knights with a visit to the medieval châteaux.

You can also immerse yourself in prehistory: don't forget that the famous Lascaux Caves are located right in the heart of the Périgord Noir, in the commune of Montignac! So what better way for the whole family to learn about prehistory than to visit the Lascaux caves, France's most famous caves?

Going on holiday in the Périgord with your children also means they can make the most of nature. Swimming in lakes, tree climbing, canoeing with the family... the Dordogne is full of activities for the whole family to enjoy in the heart of nature!

Holidays in the Dordogne: ideal for sports fans

And if you're a sports fan, why not head for the Dordogne! It's the ideal region for a wide range of outdoor sports. On the programme: canoeing, paddling or hiking, with the added bonus of incredible scenery... there's something for everyone. So how about a canoe trip on the Dordogne, Isle, Auvézère, Vézère or Dronne? Each of the region's rivers has its own charm, its own scenery, and you can let yourself float for dozens and dozens of kilometres. Imagine being on a canoe or paddle through landscapes filled with castles, birds, nature and rocks...

But if you're more of a walker, you can also let yourself be guided by the many hiking trails in the Dordogne, which surround our rental accommodation. Hiking is the perfect way to discover the nature, architecture and history of the Périgord, while leaving relaxed and with stars in your eyes. As you can see, there are hundreds of walks just waiting for you in the Dordogne. So whether you're looking for a romantic stroll, a family outing, a day out on your own or with friends, you're sure to find something to suit you. From the Dordogne Valley to the Vézère Valley, let yourself be carried away by the charm of the region!

The Dordogne: a paradise for gourmets

You can't spend a holiday in the Dordogne without sampling the region's specialities! Duck, foie gras, truffles, walnuts, strawberries... the Dordogne is a tasty holiday paradise. Few regions boast so many gastronomic specialities. You'll find these specialities from local producers, especially at the region's many markets. And as well as delighting your taste buds, it's a good way to delight your eyes, as we have some of the most beautiful markets in France. The Issigeac market, for example, is the seventh most beautiful in France! You'll find all the gastronomic delights of the Dordogne, as well as discovering a magnificent village. But there are plenty of other markets not to be missed: Sarlat, Saint-Cyprien, Monpazier, Beynac, Sarlat... And speaking of Sarlat, don't forget that the Dordogne is renowned for its quality wine. This is the perfect opportunity to visit Bergerac, Sarlat-la-Caneda, or the many châteaux in the region.

The Dordogne and its charming villages

If we haven't already convinced you to come and spend your holidays in the Dordogne, this final point will make you want to come for sure. As you know, France is full of thousands of charming villages, but it's in Aquitaine, and especially in the Dordogne, that you'll find the most beautiful. Yes, yes, you read that right. By choosing this holiday destination, you open yourself up to unforgettable visits to villages and towns, full of charm and streets to wander. In our top list of towns to visit around our self-catering holiday rentals, we recommend taking a stroll through Issigeac, Monpazier, Bergerac or Périgueux. Then there's Lascaux, Sarlat-la-Caneda, Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, La Roque Gageac and Limeuil. It's up to you to find the town or village that most appeals to you. And it's up to you to decide whether you prefer to do it the sporting way, on a paddleboard for example, or the educational way, with guided tours.

Castelwood, the ideal place to stay in the Dordogne

And if you want to visit the Dordogne, you need to find a place to rent... And that's just as well, because we offer some unusual holiday rentals. Castelwood is a family-run estate, perfectly situated for all the Dordogne tours suggested above. Canoeing, sightseeing in caves and towns, nature walks, wine tasting - it's all close by. With us, you can spend your holidays perched in the trees in our unusual chalets, located in the charming village of Biron, in the heart of Périgord Pourpre, in the south-east of the Dordogne, close to the Lot and Lot-et-Garonne... After your many escapades to the right and left, you'll be delighted to return to the peace and quiet of your accommodation, take a dip in our swimming pool and enjoy the tranquillity of Castelwood. Rest, comfort and reconnection with nature guaranteed!

So, are you convinced? When are you going on holiday in the Dordogne? In any case, your hosts at Castelwood are ready to welcome you to our unusual accommodation. We usually welcome families with children, but also couples and groups of friends. We'll be delighted to share all our secrets with you, so you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the beautiful Dordogne region. So if you'd like to escape to the Dordogne for a relaxing and rewarding holiday, don't hesitate to book with us.

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