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Castelwood, eco-friendly holiday rentals

An eco-friendly holiday, close to nature, limiting the impact on the planet: that's what we offer you.
Thanks to the measures we take on a daily basis, we are an eco-responsible establishment.

« Our holiday village is located in a natural area, in the middle of the forest. The flora and fauna are particularly rich.
Our duty is to preserve it. »

Photo of the path leading to the lodges

We need your help!

We encourage you to get involved.
For example, we provide selective sorting bins in each rental unit.

In our waste area, you'll find a skip for residual waste, a skip for recyclable waste and a skip for glass waste. There's also a bin for large cardboard boxes and two bins for vegetable waste (compost).
For an eco-friendly holiday, check out our accommodation!

Photo of the champs d'andré next to the castelwood estate
Photo of part of the estate's vegetable garden. Here you can see basil
Photo of the CastelWood welcome sign

The domain environment

Castelwood's safari chalets and tents have been set up in the Biron forest, next to the château, which has been a listed monument since 1928.
The forest is home to many different species of tree, which we have preserved as far as possible so as not to disturb the wildlife.
We share the premises with a multitude of forest animals: birds, squirrels, deer, etc.
In autumn, the forest is home to large numbers of deer during the bellowing season. So we had to limit the impact of our activity on nature as much as possible.

Our day-to-day measures for eco-friendly holidays

From actions that we have put in place for respect the environment, we can cite:

  • electricity100% sourced from renewable energies

  • sorting garbage

  • common food compost

  • faucets and showers water efficient

  • the use of respectful detergents of the environment

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