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Where to go on holiday in south-west France?

Are you looking for an idyllic location for your family, couple or solo holiday? Dive into the heart of the South West to discover all the wonders the area has to offer. Here are our favourite spots for your next holiday.

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In the common spirit, the Southwest is inevitably Arcachon or Pyla. Although these special places are the honor of our region, a multitude of other spots are equally enticing and sumptuous. It must be said that we are fortunate to benefit from an area that is particularly favorable to relaxation, well-being and recreation in nature. Between wild coast, lush forest or plains as far as the eye can see, you are spoiled for choice. No need to go to the other end of the world to be distracted, the Southwest has a nice lot of surprises!

The region “Les Landes” for surf lovers

The Southwest and its ocean are famous for being a destination for surfers. And for good reason, the long beaches of white sand are punctuated by the flow of waves perfect for surfing. Capbreton, Hossegor or Lacanau are for example very pleasant spots to put down your suitcases. We particularly appreciate Capbreton, an old fishing port transformed into a marina and seaside resort.

The extent of activities in the Landes is vast. Surfing is necessarily the flagship activity, but it’s not the only one. Beaches for swimming are quickly accessible, where diving, windsurfing or a boat trip can be considered. Walkers will enjoy the famous Rhune Trek to get a closer look at the incredible nature still intact. Finally, proximity to Spain and Biarritz will only widen the fields of possibilities.

The region “Pyrénées-Atlantique” for a collection of wonders

Not far from Spain, the Pyrénées-Atlantique department offers an immense variety of landscapes. It’s simple, here you will enjoy the ocean, the mountain, local life and breathtaking nature spots. Many hikes, for each level, are possible to approach the Pic du Midi, the valleys of Gaves or the Aiguilles d’Ansabère. Surfers will naturally have enough to be happy with access to several famous spots.

In addition to nature, the villages of the department deserve to be visited with a wide range of castles, bastides and monuments. But it is the inevitable atmosphere of the French Basque Country that will seduce you. The local gastronomy and the great sense of festivity of the Basques will contribute to the success of your holidays.

The “Périgord” region for cultural heritage

Let’s move away from the ocean to put one’s feet dry in a more rustic area: the Dordogne. Difficult to choose a specific village as they are all beautiful. Capital of the region, Sarlat, attracts tourists with its cultural and historical heritage. Many caves can be visited. Lascaux IV is one of the most famous caves; the reconstruction reveals paintings of past times that are still intact.

The caves of Pech Merle or Rouffignac are other sites allowing you visits just as exciting. The Périgord does not forgot about its nature and offers magnificent views of the Vézère and Dordogne valleys. Many canoe trips will fill your days to admire the wonders of the landscapes. And what about gastronomy! Foie gras, truffles or other typical dishes will brighten up your plate every day.

The Southwest continues to seduce tourists from around the world. Each department has its own assets that will surely amaze you. No doubt you will find the destination that suits you! If the Périgord tempts you and that just the idea of ​​visiting the Dordogne, will give you the impression to be on vacation already, come and see us at Castelwood!

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