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Have a romantic weekend in the Aquitaine

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You have planned a romantic weekend? What a nice idea, but you still need to find the ideal destination. The Aquitaine has a good number of beautiful places, with the Périgord at the top of the list.

Photo d'un coin guinguette de nuit éclairé par des lampions

It is true that our beautiful region is particularly rich and varied in landscapes, visits and activities. This does not make it easy to pick your destination for your next weekend getaway. If surfers will go to the Landes, swimmers to Cap Ferret and mountain lovers to the Pyrénées-Atlantique, we have always had a soft spot for the Périgord. A romantic weekend in this part of the Aquitaine is the guarantee of a pleasant stay with changes of scenery that are perfect for lovebirds.

Why choose the Périgord in the Aquitaine for a romantic weekend?

The recipe for a weekend between lovers is based on three ingredients: idyllic landscapes, original activities and charming accommodation. The Périgord holds this promise thanks to the extreme richness of its nature and its heritage.

Far from the tourist turmoil of the west coast, the Périgord is the area that allows you to find yourself off the beaten track. Here, tourism draws its sources in the discovery of still preserved spots and in nature. This will be an opportunity for you and your partner to escape in a secluded cottage, dinner by candlelight in an intimate restaurant or to walk on deserted paths.

Access to the cultural and historical heritage of the Aquitaine

You will understand, that this part of the Aquitaine deserves a stop. The Périgord is famous for its prehistoric sites still intact, its castles and natural caves. The Gouffre de Padirac for example is impressive! 103 meters deep and 40 km of galleries are at your fingertips. This essential visit ensures a real jump in time.

You will also enjoy strolling on the cobblestones of the many picturesque bastides such as Castelnaud, Domme or Monpazier. Most of these bastides have their own castle and offer a very pleasant rustic atmosphere. At Castelnaud, you will have the opportunity to go up in a hot air balloon. From the sky, let yourself be charmed by the sumptuous panorama of

Aquitaine. Its a 100% romantic moment guaranteed!

The promise of unique moments between lovers

There is also a bit of Venice in the Périgord! The Dordogne, the Vézère or the Dronne can be travelled aboard a gabare, a boat traditionally used for the transport of goods. The fauna and flora of the region can be admired during a romantic boat trip.

But a successful weekend getaway comes first and foremost by the choice of accommodation. Avoid the big hotels without soul and privilege the lodgings more away from the tourist areas. Do not forget that this weekend is yours, you do not have to be overwhelmed by the crowd. In the Aquitaine, a multitude of addresses put the accent on the atypical and discretion.

In our opinion, the best idea is to spend your weekend in a tree house or a cottage in the woods. In addition to the atypical aspect of this accommodation, you benefit from true comfort, and this in full nature. The birds singing in the early morning will give you the impression of coming straight out of a romantic film. Want to bet?

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